Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Trip to San Juan, St Thomas

This was a long awaited trip; I started planing this trip back in the spring with some friends of mine,and I have to say it was Worth every Penny! From the food, to the Island them self's, every thing was wonderful.

Here; We are waiting to bord the ship!

Saying good bye to Miami

Lets Have a drink to start the voyage!

                     Looking out from our stateroom. We had, two, spectacular views from this room!

A wider view

I hope you all will enjoy this seares of photos from my trip.
Next up;  San Juan

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Days of Rain and Snow

Snow; or rainy days are the best time to work inside,if you don't like to go out in them(like I do)And if you have stainless steal  appliance's; you know it can be a challenge to keep them looking their best.
One way to get rid of grease build up is by using backing soda, mixed with just enough water to mack a thick past. This also works on a number of things in the Kitchen. Apply to surface let sit for a min, and rub with a soft cloth in the direction of the grain.

Also try Glass cleaner to keep your stainless steal sparkling(always wipe in the direction of the grain) this works for me, better than the oily cleaners ! and is  a simple way to cut down on finger prints.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time to start planing, your plants.

This is a grate time of year to surf the web for seed. Now that the days are short, and the weather is cold , we tend to stay in our homes more. Take this down time to order seed catalogs. is a wonderful place to start! You can look right at the seed and plants many companies have to offer right from your computer . Just type in the words, seed catalog, and let the work begin!
This is a place I like!